What to Take to Blogtacular?

We are all getting excited about Blogtacular this Saturday. For those of you composing long lists of what to take here are our thoughts on what to have in your bag.

What to Pack for a Blog Conference?

1. Your phone – a conference all about blogging and social media really isn’t the same without being able to share it on the day. We are shareaholics at Blogtacular and #blogtacular is the tag to use on all of your posts and pictures so that everyone can find your posts. The RI has superb wifi and the passwords will be displayed throughout the building. Keep the latest email from Blogtacular handy so you know where you’re going and any last minute changes.

2. Battery / charger – on the flip side of having your phone out all day is losing power quickly. Carry your charger to plug in at our basement charge bar or have a battery pack in your bag which gives you several charges on the fly. We carry EasyAcc batteries which are a little bulky but do provide a day of energy.

3. Your cards – when you meet a few dozen people in one day keeping track of their names, let alone their blogs, can be tricky. A card for your blog gives people a reminder of who you are as well as easy ways to get in touch.

Blogtacular 2014 Official Photos by Will Ireland. Thanks Mollie Makes (299)

4. Notebook & Pen – this year we have notebooks from Baggage Reclaim and pens from Pinterest UK which will be handed out with your programme at the start of the day. For some of us having a reason to buy stationery is too much to resist!

5. A session plan – use the schedule and speaker pages to decide which sessions you most want to attend on the day. Of course things change in the moment but knowing what’s on offer will help you make split second choices. If you’re heading into the Creative Genius Bar have a couple of bullet points ready. You might want to load your site on your phone to show Annabel or Helena and if you’re asking Ashley for site advice you’ll need your login and password to hand.

6. Notes on Sponsors – if you are taking advantage of meeting the fantastic sponsors we have joining us at Blogtacular you might want to have some bullet points to look over before you head to their stand. Cricut, Annie Sloan and Thomson are at Blogtacular to make connections with you so take a look at what they are doing before you come and then pitch your ideas! If you need some help check out our pitching post and webinar.

7. Name Badge – we don’t use name badges or lanyards for many reasons but mostly because they ruin your outfit. We can’t be having that now. You will be given a wrist band when you check in at reception which will give you entry to the conference and evening Pintacular. If you feel more comfortable using a name badge with your blog name and social media handles then get crafty and make something spectacular to wear.

8. Train snacks – if you’re doing the whole conference in just one day take along some snacks for the train up and down so you don’t have to rely on overpriced trolleys.

Of course at the conference we will have light snacks at breaks and a sandwich lunch for you to enjoy. The evening Pintacular will have a light meal with a fiesta theme but you may want to grab something to eat with friends before you head over there.

9. Camera? – This is down to personal choice, some stick to their phone camera while others want to have a DSLR along for the day. High quality photos will be available after the event thanks to Mollie Makes. You are welcome to use the official photos, with credit, on your blogs and social media. If you’re doing several photography sessions you might want to have a camera with you to use or you might like to capture photos from your point of view. The downer about bringing a DSLR is the weight and by ten o’clock you might be cursing it!

10. Big or small bag? – The venue has a cloakroom to check large bags and coats while you enjoy the conference. If you’re setting out early and staying out until late you might enjoy having a lightweight bag which you can always slip inside your goody bag after the conference. Personally, I’m trying to go small (although I think it will end up being BIG!)

What else do you have in your bag? Tweet us and let us know.

Want to know what to wear? We dedicated a whole twitter chat to just this topic, you can read it all below. Our tips are to go for what makes you comfortable and leaves you feeling like your true self.