What is the Future of Blogging? #Blogtacular Chat

The blog world is changing. With more and more blogs coming online, traffic patterns evolving and comments on posts giving way to conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, bloggers and blog readers have to keep up.

The chat was inspired by Grace Bonney’s State of the Blog Union post, which you can read here. For the full chat, check out our storify.

We started by asking what people felt was the biggest change they had seen on their blogs in the last year?

  • I feel there are fewer people commenting on big blogs. @BeNourished
  • More bloggers acting as/being treated as legitimate buisness/biz owners. @TheOutlawMom
  • The whole panic about Google & sponsored links. I have been asked to remove old dofollow links by PRs. @Clare_Mansell
  • The biggest change I saw was a change from written engagement to social. Pins + likes became the new commentary. @designsponge
  • I feel like the pictures and design keep getting more and more professional and amazing. @TanyaFavitta
  • Fewer Comments. I find myself commenting less too. @Kristi_CCK
  • I can’t help thinking the future of blogging may be You Tube *gulps* @missjojangles
  • More bloggers looking to be seen as experts/professionals rather than amateurs seeking personal fulfilment. @btransatlantic

Overwhelmingly though, it was the drop in comments on blogs directly and the move towards more social media engagement that received the most notice.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.41.18

We then asked, with the move away from commenting and toward social media, how have you changed what you do?

  • Have focused more on creating a network of my fav social media channels, plus less time posting, more time s.media-ing! @motherwifeme
  • I have done a lot more on social media and interacting with people and then lead them to my blog. @growingbbb
  • I share my posts more than I used to and on all social media platforms. @tiasmum12
  • Bloggers now have to further diversify and define your brand – new content, new homes for it. @designsponge
  • Increased use of Pinterest, make sure I’ve got a pinnable image. @Kristi_CCK

Blog writers are following their readers onto social media and making their blogs more social media friendly. A number of our chatters have also found that asking questions and sparking conversations is key to keeping readership engaged.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.00.26



Looking to the future, we asked where people see blogging going next?

  • Not sure if its industry-wide, but for me, simplicity, being concise and beautiful photography rule this year. @motherwifeme
  • Personal brands on multiple channels. that 1 person’s voice on social sites + other brands’ sites i.e. huff post. @designsponge
  • I think video is going to increase majorly, which scares me. @finestimaginary
  • More long form, less frequent posting “schedule” @pretavoyager

Most chatters felt that there would be a strong drive towards more styled photography and magazine-style blogging, but people were mixed about whether this was a good thing or a bad one.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.48.56


  • I think there will be more professionalisation of blogging with more glossy magazine quality writing and photos. @katgold
  • I worry that it’ll be dominated by the super slick + polished blogs and we’ll lose the smaller ones with a personal touch. @TheDressTree


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.58.15


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 13.00.09




With the frontier changing, we asked what bloggers are doing to harness social media:


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 13.01.38


  • Responsive websites for a start. So many blogs overlook how they appear on a mobile platform. @GeorgieStClair
  • Stay present on the platforms I’m using for as long as I enjoy doing so. Its important to remain true to yourself too. @TheDressTree

The chat one one of our busiest yet, with #Blogtacular trending on twitter.





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