Twitter Announces Changes to 140 Characters

Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit

Twitter released details today of long speculated changes to the 140 characters. Now don’t panic; the 140 limit is still in force, it’s just a little more flexible.

Currently when you tweet with an @mention, link or photo you would use up characters for each of them. Now twitter are allowing you to add in those elements without losing precious characters.

Here are the four big changes announced today:

  1. Replies: the characters in someone’s handle no longer count towards your 140 character limit. It’s not clear if this will bear out for conversations with multiple people but it certainly makes chatting easier.
  2. Attachments: pictures, gifs, quote tweets, polls and videos will also no longer count towards your 140. This has been long anticipated as the platform moves towards sharing varied media more widely and it means you can bring visuals into your tweets more frequently.
  3. Retweet Yourself: so long scheduling the same tweet repeatedly you can now retweet yourself and quote tweet yourself.
  4. Easy flouncing: ok, it’s not always a flounce but the .@mention is a thing of the past. Soon you’ll be able to click the rt button for it to be sent to all of your followers not just the ones the two of you share in common.


The changes will roll out over the next few months so expect to see lots of discussion around the subject.

There are also further improvements hinted at to boost some of the best aspects of twitter including live commentary. Read their full announcement here.