Travel Blogging #Blogtacular Chat

Whether your blog is all about your adventures around the world, or you occasionally have a weekend away, most bloggers will at some time write about their travels. A few weeks ago, we chatted all things blogging and travel – what works, what doesn’t and how to keep your travel posts engaging.

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When you are reading a travel blog, what do you love to see?

Overwhelming chatters felt that strong images helped take readers on the journey with you, but rather than just the big main “touristy” scenes, chatters said they wanted more of the details.

  • Photos, but of the details that might get lost or overlooked. @sliceofsunny
  • Gorgeous photos, and lots of them, but a personal touch, not travel brochure regurgitated. @CariemayMakes
  • All of the yummy food photographs that travel bloggers put in their posts make me super jealous. @areebasiddique
  • Pics of wonderful spots, a mini guide (in case I travel there) and comments on local food @JasmineRabunal
  • I’ve got a Pinterest bucket list of photos I want to take around the world. @lovingourpics


While photos were important, chatters also liked to hear stories, have posts about the food and see itineraries.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 13.26.12

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 13.43.04



If travel isn’t the focus of your blog, how do you make it relavent to your readers?

  • Everyone wants to experience a new place. Make it fun for them to live through you. @elladeedesigns
  • FOOD!! I love to know about food in other countries. @areebasiddique
  • I talk about my normal blog topic in the context of where I am travelling (like natural health…in Vietnam). @VintageAmanda
  • I make it something I would want to read, and as far as poss from a dreaded “what I did at the weekend school essay”. @Cariemaymakes
  • Tips on where to visit! Love it when people discover hidden gems. @whatshedidx

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Bloggers have more flexibility than traditional media. how do you make your posts go further than magazines?

  • Room for more pix, more details, oddball words and pics, not just tourist stuff. @LizLovick
  • Be more intereactive – ask readers for advice and tips, build a more intimate relationship with your readers. @HeatherYoungUK
  • Video content is a really obvious one. Quite nice to break up the pics and add another dimension. @Oysterpotts
  • I don’t have a word limit. Plus, I write about what I like and discovered, not what I should necessarily cover. @ilanaontheroad

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Sometimes, going on holiday as a blogger can feel a bit like work:

How do you manage to be in the moment and relax, whilst keeping an eye to creating content?

Chatters had a range of ways they deal with this:

  • The moment/place comes first – if a blog post comes out of it afterwards that;s great but not a must. @hookstitch
  • Just don’t spend the whole time taking pictures/thinking what to write in a post, take time to actually be there. @adventurehan
  • Only the air trip and meals are a holiday – the rest is work. @lizlovick
  • I experience it first then at the end of the day journal it. Not sure if I’d post daily. @momwithahook

But most seemed to feel that experiencing it (but taking pictures all the while) then blogging about it when they got home was the best way to balance blogging and travel.

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