Top Tips for Taking a Break from Blogging

Taking a break from blogging - Blogtacular's top tips!

The arrival of spring heralds many things around here-  frantic cleaning, an urge to spend every moment in the garden and the planning of our summer holidays.

Whether you are off on holiday or need to take a break for any other reason, what you do with your blog while you are away requires a bit of thought. We have our top tips for taking a blog break:

1. Plan Ahead: if you know when you are going to be away, schedule a few posts to keep things going. These could be new content, re-posts of older entries or even round up posts, if they or suitable. In my experience, photo posts or short posts work well, but be wary of posts like tutorials or new product releases as there is nothing worse than readers having questions and you aren’t there to answer them.

2. Consider Turning off Comments and Put an Out of Office on Your Email: this helps manage readers expectations so they know they won’t be able to get a response while you are away.  It can be frustrating from a reader’s perspective to ask a question and not get an answer.

3. Use Guest Posts: if you have time, organise some posts from your blogging friends to fill your space while you are away. This can be a great way to introduce new readers to the bloggers you love and keep your blog going.

4. Post from the Road: if you are off on travels, you can update your blog while you are away. Wifi can be found freely and cheaply around the world these days and with the profusion of mobil blogging apps, its easier than ever to update your blog while you are away. Posting from your travels is an especially a good idea if you are on a sponsored trip, as it keeps your content fresh and alive and gives your sponsor real-time content.

5.  Let Readers Know You Are Away: If updating while you are away isn’t possible, it is a good idea to let your readers know you will be away. This makes sure that readers know when to expect you back, no one is worried and can log back in when your new post is up.