Tips For Low Light Photography Chat


With the nights closing in, not to mention the gloomy winter weather, getting killer photos for your blog can be a challenge.  A few weeks ago, the Blogtacular chat was all about how to get great images in the darker conditions.

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We started off talking about the struggles people face when trying to photograph in low light conditions. Q1



Grain, colour casts and the challenges of artificial light were consistently the main problems faced by bloggers.



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We moved on to bloggers’ tips for finding the light in Winter.


Taking control of your camera settings is another way to get great control of your images. Moving out of auto and onto a manual or semi-manual setting is great for maximising the light.


Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 14.58.10 Q3

Some times, there is no avoiding artificial light, bloggers had lots of tips for using artificial light, from using daylight bulbs to hacking your flash.


Q4 tips


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One of the quickest ways for improving your low light photography is changing the white balance.  Head over to Capturing Childhood for a great tutorial on changing your white balance.