The New Blogger’s Bible

Each week we host a #Blogtacular twitter chat on a Wednesday night at 9pm UK time. We pick a different subject ask questions, share ideas and tips with each other. Here we will bring you a round up of the thoughts, tips, ideas and experiences shared.

The Wednesday night Twitter chat was ‘Do You Remember the First Time’ last night. Talking about the early days of blogging with new bloggers and long-term bloggers alike. We joked that the advice given should be a New Blogger’s Bible and so here it is in one place – all of the mistakes, tips and advice you wish you’d had when starting out.

Didn’t manage to join us? Add your advice in the comments below.

You can click on images to view the quotes and view the full chat on our Storify.

How Long have you been blogging?

How Long Have You Been Blogging #Blogtacular Twitter Chat

What we love about the Blogtacular community is there is such a wide spread of experience. From people who are planning their first blog to new bloggers right through to people who have been blogging since before it had a name you will find them here.

What do you wish you had known when you started blogging?

 Great Blogging Advice from Experienced Bloggers on the #blogtacular Twitter Chat

Do you cringe over your first blog posts? What do you wish you knew to do differently?

The most common wish was spending more time choosing a blog name and buying the URL for it there and then.

Tech knowledge was also high on the list, SEO, alt tagging images for Pinterest and choosing the right platform all featured and generated lots of chat. (Self-hosted WordPress or Squarespace if you want our opinion)

Photo quality and size has caused some heart ache – hands up who else didn’t know how to resize their pictures on Blogspot? Small photos are not the only issues, what about bad photos? Well, if I had waited until my photos were good enough to start blogging I would still be waiting. Some things get better the more you do them including writing and photography. Put one word in front of the other, use the best photos you have and blog them.

Lots of bloggers talked about the need to market your blog through social media – if you build it they might not actually come…

Where have you learned your blog smarts?

 Blogtacular Where Did You Learn Your Blog Smarts

When you’re not sure, just ask. The overwhelming message about how to find out how to tame your blog is to ask a friend or a blogger you trust. Sure, Google and some awesome blogging blogs are out there but isn’t it so much nicer to join a chat and make some new friends? Looking to get a big injection of new skills and inspiration? We hear there will be all that and a side of social interaction at Blogtacular next May…

What pearl of wisdom would you give a new blogger to ensure they were on the right track?

Blogtacular Pearls of Blog Wisdom

How often have you thought about the most important lessons in blogging? The advice given during our twitter chat speaks of the vitality of blogging – live a life, be a resource, put yourself in the blog and be original.

If you want to connect with people through your blog this is the advice which will see you good. Open yourself up and write like you’re talking to a friend and you’ll find the  connections follow.

What are you dying to know but you’re afraid to ask?

 Fab Twitter Chat Round Up from UK Blog Conference Blogtacular

Ooh – the burning questions! If you want to know what people think about these and more then take a look at the chat Storify.

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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us. See you on Wednesday…


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