The 20 Best Podcasts for Creative Bloggers


20 podcasts for creative bloggers

Here at Blogtacular HQ, podcasts are the new books. We are both huge fans of the medium and frequently discuss our favourite episodes the way in which other co-workers discuss what they are reading (orthe TV shows they watched last night).  From business to interviews, craft to architecture, our podcast playlist is chock-full and that’s not to mention all of Kat G’s knitting podcasts!!  Here is our current list of must-listen podcasts for the creative blogger!

1. How to Be Amazing

Hosted by Michael Ian Black this relatively new podcast is packed full of inspiration and comedy. Seriously, what more do you need in life? Michael’s mission is to find people who are doing awesome things and get to the heart of how the got there. Topics cover things like failure, dealing with critics and the creative process.  Elizabeth Gilbert has to be my favourite episode thus far.

2. Start Up

Easily my favourite podcast, Start Up chronicles the ups and downs of starting your own business. So many times throughout season 1 & 2 I have found myself stopped and listening intently to a situation that perfectly captures the madness that is starting and running a business.

3. Creating Your Own Path

Jennifer Synder interviews creatives who have forged their own path to get where they want to be. This is such a great and supportive podcast, interviewing creatives about how they got to where they are. I love that the focus for so many of the episodes is around collaboration and building community. The interview with Lisa Congdon should be your first stop (and not just because she designed an exclusive download for our Life Planner).

4. Death, Sex and Money

Get tired of only dealing in polite conversation? Death, Sex and Money is for you.  The episodes dig into the topics that we don’t usually talk about. Sex Education with Margaret Cho had me laughing outloud, but its the episodes about overcoming failure that really have me nodding my head in agreement and understanding.

5. Reply All

If you are reading this, you probably spend a lot of time on the internet…in which case, Reply All is the podcast for you! A unique look at the wierd and wonderful on the World Wide Web.

6. After The Jump

Grace Bonney explores the day to day life of makers and designers. The episode on Curation, Profit and Scaleability really had me thinking about my own business.

7. Elise Gets Crafty

Covering all of the tops that are dear to our hearts – creativity, running a business, blogging and motivation. This is a great and practical podcast with lots of how-tos, strategies and concrete takeaways for running your creative business online.

8. Creative Start

Interviews with creative entrepreneurs, discussing how they got their start.  I love origin stories and these are really inspirational.

9. Explore Your Enthusiasm

One for the crafters, Tara Swiger offers some great practical advice and tips for running a creative business.

10. Raise Your Hand, Say Yes

Another ones that explores the journeys of creative entrepreneurs.  This is a bit of a mix of interviews and advice.

11. Ask Me Another

Hilarious game show podcast – this is one to listen to when you are in need of something light to listen to in the middle of an epic office tidy/tutorial shooting/making session.  Who know I could love Neil Gaiman any more? After this episode, I do!

12. This American Life

As an American and long-term NPR devoutee, its a bit odd including this in a list of podcasts as this was one of the radio shows I made a point of listening to.

13. Design Matters

Debbie Millman is a great interviewer and had great guests.  Her recent interview with Oliver Jeffers really had me thinking about the nature of art and I loved hearing about Julia Turshen‘s journey to being an author.

14. 99% Invisible

Exploring the effects of architecture and design that we don’t see.

15. Invisiblia

An exploration of the invisible forces that effect our lives, from fear to emotion to thoughts.

16. Being Boss

Covers the messy topics of creative entrepreneurship, the mess, the juggle, the desire to stay in your pyjamas all day…Unsurprisingly, my favourite episode was the recent interview with Lisa Congdon and Clay Walsh.

17. How They Blog

If you are curious about how some of the biggest bloggers in the world do it, this is the blog for you. From topics like finding balance online, owning a shop, taking blogging breaks, blogging tools- hear how the pros tackle them all.

18. Spilled Milk

From Molly Wizenberg of Orangette with Matthew Amster-Burton, this podcast is all about food. If you read Orangette, you will know that Molly is a great writer and her podast is just as easy to listen to.

19. Smart Passive Income

This is a great and practical podcast that gets to the heart of making money online.  With marketing strategies and tips, Pat Flynn really covers the nitty gritty of maximising income streams in your business.

20. The Good Life Project

I have always been inspired by Jonathan Field’s The Good Life Project. His You Tube channel is where I first heard of Brene Brown. If you like inspirational stories, this is for you.