Team Blogtacular is looking for Volunteers!

Volunteers at Blogtacular

The Blogtacular Volunteer Team


Each year at our conference the day runs smoothly thanks to our volunteers. We are lucky to have a core team who have been with us since the start. Their feedback and hard work has helped to make Blogtacular an incredible experience for everyone who attends, sponsors and speaks. Team Blogtacular are a friendly and innovative bunch, we have our own group chat and get together via Skype to run down the day ahead of the event. There are perks such as being able to get on the photowalks without application.


This year our volunteer operations team is looking for two new members. This is not a pass to a free ticket, you may not be stationed in a workshop space for the whole conference. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in running an in person event. We will always write references and recommend people for future projects where needed.

We vary the work throughout the day, we start off early setting up the event and you could be creating photo backdrops, blowing up balloons, supporting stand building or handing out the coffees – we’re going to need them! During the day we operate the front desk, support the sponsors and stall holders on site, ensure attendees are able to find their way around, support workshop hosts and everything else that comes with being the oil in the machine. At the end of the day we have a rapid break down and goody bag hand out. Where possible we switch roles so that you won’t be stuck in one place for the whole day. Tea and coffee are on tap, breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. And yes, you get a goody bag, access to ticket holder groups, session recordings and invited to all social happenings outside of the conference.


In addition to our operations team we are looking for confident workshop hosts to manage each room for the day.

You will manage the workshop spaces, ensure that any equipment is set up and cleared away before and after each session, liaise with the AV, event & operations teams. You will also be the person on the mic, yes, you will be introducing each speaker, handling the roving mic for the Q&A, thanking speakers and giving information at the end of sessions where necessary. This is a great role to take if you are interested to dip your toe into speaking as you get the experience of being in front of an audience without having to prepare a talk.

As a volunteer you’ll need to be able to travel to the venue in London on Saturday 16th June at 6:30am (told you we’d need coffee) and stick around until 6:30pm. We run a tight team so if there’s a possibility you might have something else on that weekend maybe wait until next year.

Apply – Send an email to hello at with the subject: Volunteer Me! Tell us a bit about yourself and which role you see yourself fitting into. We will be replying to applications and filling positions in May 2018.