Stop What You Are Doing and Try Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool

Pinterest Visual Search is Unreal. Stop What You are Doing, You Have to Try This!

Pinterest is my number one destination for planning and dreaming. I’m not alone, with over 10 million monthly active users in the UK alone Pinterest is booming right now.

There is so much great stuff happening at Pinterest UK over the next few months but one soft product launch caught my eye last week. You can zoom in on sections of images and Pinterest will deliver similar items.

Honestly, my mind was blown when I saw this in action. Like a bag in a street style photo? Zoom in and find not only the bag you like but also visually similar bags.

Pinterest Visual Search Zoom 4

Here’s how it works. Open up a pin to full page view and click the magnifying glass in the top right corner.

Pinterest Visual Search Zoom Tool - the most amazing product update of 2016

Drag the corners of the zoom frame to cover the item or section you are interested in and the results pop up.

Pinterest Visual Search Zoom 1

Once you have your search results you can use the search terms in the top right corner to refine the results. In our example of a maxi skirt we had results for different garments including palazzo pants but by clicking maxi skirt we have results which are all skirts.

Pinterest Visual Search Zoom Refine Search

Not only can you zoom in on individual items but also get more specific and search for patterns which match your source image.

Pinterest Visual Search Zoom

And it doesn’t just work with products as Leanne demonstrated when I tweeted about this last week:

The applications for this update are promising and it is going to cut down on hours of web searching for products spotted in and image. Cut out the effort, upload the image to Pinterest, zoom and let the results come to you.