How to Start a Blog in 5 Minutes: Design a Blog Header in PicMonkey


You have a blog name and a blog template, now you need a blog header.

Most blog templates will have a function where you can enter text to be used as a header, which is totally fine. The font and size will be determined by your template, which you should be able to change to fit with your style. However, if you want more control, you need to make an image to upload.

Photoshop and Illustrator are great, if you have them. However, PicMonkey is a great, free online tool that is easy to use and

Go to


Screenshot 2015-02-04 10.44.51

Click design and then “custom” to set the size of your banner.  Most templates will have guidance on how wide to make a header image. As a rough guide, 900x300px is a good size.  You don’t really want a header more than 300px tall for most blogs.

Once you have that set up, go into the text menu and start by selecting a font.  Picmonkey has a number of free options, but more with the Royale subscription.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 11.22.36

In the early days of your blog, our advice is to keep it simple. Your blog will change over time, and its better to have something minimal that will grow with you, rather than spending a ton of time designing something that may not be a good fit a few months down the line when you find your voice.  Simple text or with a few added illustrations will go a long way.

You can change the colour and size of your text by selecting it and using the sliders. You can also change the orientation of the text by hovering your mouse over the top anchor point of the bounding box and rotating it.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 11.26.16

You can add illustrations to your blog header by clicking on the butterfly icon on the left. Select your overlay and then move it around with your mouse.  You can change the order of the layers by right clicking on the shape.

Blog header 1

Make sure to save your header as you go. I always save a few versions to give me options to try them out.  It can be hard to picture what the header will look like until it is up on the blog itself.

header Blog Header 4 Blog Header 3 blog header 2

No go and have fun making a blog header. But be warned – redesigning your blog can be addictive!