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Blogtacular goody bags are much coveted and with good reason: they are filled with stunning products from incredible designers.

They are your opportunity to have your products featured across the blogs, Instagrams, twitter feeds and Facebook pages of some of the most inspirational creative bloggers around.

Each year we source gifts form the indie community alongside those from larger companies. We are passionate to promote small businesses and give them a platform to showcase their work to a larger audience.

We create a mix of items which complement each other within the bag and ensure that your product won’t be fighting for attention with anything similar.

There is no charge for indie goody bag items, larger companies can have items included through our sponsor programme. Not sure where you fit? Drop us a line and we can help you.

The bag itself celebrates British talent and is a design created exclusively for Blogtacular. If your company wants their logo incorporated into the bag design please contact us for a sponsor pack.

what are we looking for?

Here’s a guide to what we’re looking for in our blog conference goody bag gifts. It’s not exhaustive but hopefully gives you a better idea of what you can submit.

  • Decorative, wearable and useful gifts.
  • Edible or cosmetic gifts in full size (unless impractical).
  • Craft materials, items that can be used in a variety of projects.
  • Stationery – OMG we LOVE paper goods, prints, cards, notebooks and pens!
  • Offers alongside gifts – want to create an offer for the Blogtacular community to accompany your gift? That’s great!
  • Exclusive designs – if you want to create a design especially for Blogtacular attendees then we are all ears.

Able to supply approximately 300* gifts delivered to Winchester on June 8th 2017 (exact date important, *numbers confirmed May 2018 by email).

If you are a micro business and you want to submit with a group of similar businesses to spread the cost we’re in favour. You can use packaging / flyers which promote all the businesses in the submission. To keep the balance of the mix the items should be like for like e.g. all necklaces. We ask that there are no more than four businesses involved and that your gifts arrive in a single package.

Speaker gifts – if you have something extra special we are looking for an exceptional single gift which will be given to each of our speakers along with their goody bag. Please get in touch to discuss details.

How to apply...

Please send an example of the gift you intend to supply for the goody bag, if you wish to send up to three choices that is absolutely fine.

  • Include an example of promotional material you would have alongside your product either in your package or via email.
  • Let us know if your items will be in any other goody bags between now and September.
  • Send to: Kat Molesworth, 1 Hill Rise, Twyford, Winchester, SO21 1QH.
  • Items must arrive no later than 1st May.
  • Please keep your application away from social media. We like to surprise our community with the delights in their goody bag at the conference, it could affect your chances of being chosen if you share details publicly.
  • Regretfully we are unable to return samples.
  • All applicants will be notified within two weeks of the closing date – remember to include an email address for us to contact you.

What's Inside?

Market Stalls

At Blogtacular we reserve some of our hub space for indie businesses. This is a chance to connect with the creative attendees at Blogtacular as well as share your goodies with the world.

As big supporters of small business we have created affordable conference sponsorship from our very first year. You can access the full impact of the conference at a rate which supports your business.

Blogs are a source of inspiration and influence for millions of people across the country. A market stall at Blogtacular will not only showcase your products / service but generate connections, partnerships and raving fans who will use their platform to share their love for you. These are relationships and links which last long beyond the day of the conference.

Each market stall holder has a simple 1 x 1m table top space to present their brand, products or designs.

The cost of your stall includes food and refreshments for one person, access to the ticket holder spaces online and an invitation to the conference social events. It does not include access to the conference sessions. We have discounted tickets for stall holders to allow you to bring a second person to look after the stall while you attend sessions if you would like to.

Get Involved

What are the criteria?

  • Indie designers, makers, shops and companies.
  • Vibrant, cool, fun – our community love cool products which fit in with their creative and stylish lives. Our choices will be led by how you fit in to that aesthetic so please give us lots of information.
  • Collectives – want to split the cost of a market stall and show your products with a complementary brand? That’s fine, please detail all brands involved in your application and bear in mind available space. Ticket allocation does not change for collectively purchased stalls.
  • Market stalls can also provide a goody bag gift (see below for detailed information) as part of their agreement which goes to every conference attendee.

How to apply...

Please email indies [at] blogtacular .com (without spaces and with an @) with the following details:

  • Your company details including links to your site and each social media channel you are active on.
  • An overview of your brand and what you do which will interest the Blogtacular community.
  • A couple of images of products embedded in the mail at low res.

We will reply with details of pricing and booking a stall for Blogtacular 2018.

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