Sponsor Announcement: Thomson

Since we first signed Thomson as a sponsor, we have been dying to tell you all about their involvement in Blogtacular. They have plans for you which are so good you won’t believe them. Over to Cabin Crew…

Canary Island Date Palms along the waterfront at Dubrovnik, Croatia. by Trish Hartmann

Airline Pitch at Blogtacular

Thomson and First Choice need you!

Following our hugely successful 2014 Out of Office outreach campaign, we’re looking to work with a whole new bunch of bloggers.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is step onboard the Thomson plane that’ll be touching down at Blogtacular on 13th June. Seriously, a plane. Recline your seat, enjoy a drink from the hostess trolley and give us your best-ever airline pitch*.

You’ll have 2 minutes to pitch to us why we should send you on a freebie holiday. You’ll need to tell us what destinations you’d like to travel to, who you’d go with, and what content you’d create for us. It’s that simple. We’ll then pick our favourites and turn your pitches into reality.

Morning in Dobrota, Montenegro by Trish Hartmann Thaïland - Ko Phi Phi - Maya Bay by Nicolas Vollmer on Flickr

Some tips to bear in mind…

  • Get familiar with the destinations and product lines that Thomson and First Choice offer. There’s no point pitching about a trip to New York – we don’t go there!
  • Think about useful content that you can create for us. Our customers love content and we want to give them as much brand-new, eye-popping and never-seen-before content as possible. We reach out to our customers across all social media channels. As such, we’re looking for pitches that will tick off as many platforms as possible.
  • Identify content that we’re missing. What content do you as a holidaymaker want to read?
  • Try to avoid the obvious – you’re going to have to out-pitch your fellow Blogtacular attendees to be in with a chance of going on a trip. We want the best of the best.
  • Stick to the 2-minute pitch rule. We’ll be timing you!

*Why airline pitch? Well it’ll all become clear on the day. Let’s just say we couldn’t get an elevator…

We told you it was good! We will be bringing you some assistance for your pitching so stay tuned to the Blogtacular blog over the next few weeks. Cue fireworks…

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom "Wishes" fireworks show by Anthony Quintano


Photos by: Trish Hartman,  Nicolas Vollmer and Anthony Quintano used under the Creative Commons Attribution license.