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Simon Staib

CPO & Co-Founder blogfoster - blogfoster
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Simon Staib, Co-Founder of

blogfoster is the leading platform for scalable Influencer and blog marketing. Advertisers can currently access 10,000 blogs and 22,000 influencer profiles. Thanks to blogfoster brands and agencies are able to spread their message to more than 40 Million readers.

He graduated in Interface Design from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Whilst in high school Simon ran his own business “NETZPULSEN”.

“In 2020 every one of us will make money from their social media activities.” – Simon and the whole team at blogfoster will do their best to achieve this vision.

Simon will be presenting an industry session on How to Scale Blogger and Influencer Marketing and will also be on the Creative Genius Bar giving advice about your stats, sponsored posts and all your blogging KPIs.

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