Natasha Nuttall - Blogtacular

Natasha Nuttall

Blogger & Graphic Designer - Graphique Fantastique
Photowalk Leader

Natasha is a Freelance Graphic Designer by day and Creative Lifestyle Blogger by night. She started her blog, Graphique Fantastique, as a student back in 2009 to get her design work and thoughts out into the world. From design and colour inspiration, to exhibitions and cool things to see in London – her aim is to inspire a creative lifestyle for all.

At the weekends she can usually be found wandering the streets of London, looking for colourful Insta-worthy walls to snap (or pose if her outfit is colour co-ordinated). She’s also pretty handy with a paint roller…

Natasha will be leading a photowalk around the colourful corners of London bringing her jore de virve to the afternoon.

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