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Leona Thrift-ola

Creative Entrepreneur - Lucky Dip Club
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Leona Thrift-ola is the owner of Lucky Dip Club the monthly subscription of pins and socks.

In May 2014, from the corner of her living room, Leona reimagined the Lucky Dip. No longer is it a penny sweet treat or a mystery bag of unsold products… it’s a colourful confetti cannon of fun and creativity exploding across Instagram and a magical box of good vibes popping through letterboxes once a month.

Since then Leona’s life and business have evolved in ways she couldn’t have predicted. With over 15 years experience in running various independent businesses, Leona is a passionate advocate for Community over Competition.

Alongside running her sub box Lucky Dip Club, Leona hosts a lively community called the Rollercoaster of Running an Indie Business. The Rollercoaster is an uplifting, open & honest space where business obstacles are discussed, incredibly useful information & contacts shared and an all round encouraging environment like a big heartfelt high hive!

Leona will be answering your business and community questions on the Creative Genius Bar.

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Blogtacular on Insta

  • I have a real treat for you on the podcast this week - Keith Brymer Jones. Potter, throw down judge and the designer behind MAKE International Keith has had a long career and is passionate about the value of arts in society. Our conversation takes a winding road through Keith’s history and work. We laugh, we cry - this is such a great episode. Links in profile or search Blogtacular on your podcast app #blogtacular
  • On the podcast this week I meet Stephanie Yeboah the beauty and fashion blogger, freelance writer and activist. We discuss so much including family expectations, being made redundant, fat activism and what happened when she stopped thinking about how to attract likes online. Episode 46 live on your app and online now - links in profile #blogtacular
  • There have been a lot of posts about the press release from the CMA this week. Lots of them about ‘new’ influencer posting rules, some of them inaccurate or misleading. Have you heard something that worries you? We’re always happy to share knowledge and point you in the right direction so please ask if you need clarification. 
You know we’re big supporters of following the rules and clearly disclosing at the beginning of posts - it’s the only way to cement our reputation as an industry committed to transparency. But, as with all rules getting to grips with them isn’t always plain sailing. Our podcast episode 36 is a masterclass from the ASA themselves in how to keep your ads, gifts and products clear online. #blogtacular
  • We’re back and kicking of season four of The Blogtacular Podcast with the hugely talented Emma Block. Emma and I discuss her path into illustration, the red flags to look out for in client work and her new book, The Joy of Watercolour which she wrote in an unusual way. Find us wherever you get your podcasts or click the link in our profile! #blogtacular
  • A good workshop needs a great tea station! For this week’s event @teapigs spoiled us with an array of delicious teas to keep those synapses firing. Thanks for fuelling #thisblogmeansbusiness Teapigs x #teapigs #teapigstea
  • Notebooks at the ready! We’re putting the finishing touches to tomorrow’s workshop. If you want to be there you have a few hours left to grab a ticket and fill your notebook with all the wisdom and insider tips on making your blog business thrive. Link in profile #blogtacular #thisblogmeansbusiness

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