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Leona Thrift-ola

Creative Entrepreneur - Lucky Dip Club
Creative Genius Bar

Leona Thrift-ola is the owner of Lucky Dip Club the monthly subscription of pins and socks.

In May 2014, from the corner of her living room, Leona reimagined the Lucky Dip. No longer is it a penny sweet treat or a mystery bag of unsold products… it’s a colourful confetti cannon of fun and creativity exploding across Instagram and a magical box of good vibes popping through letterboxes once a month.

Since then Leona’s life and business have evolved in ways she couldn’t have predicted. With over 15 years experience in running various independent businesses, Leona is a passionate advocate for Community over Competition.

Alongside running her sub box Lucky Dip Club, Leona hosts a lively community called the Rollercoaster of Running an Indie Business. The Rollercoaster is an uplifting, open & honest space where business obstacles are discussed, incredibly useful information & contacts shared and an all round encouraging environment like a big heartfelt high hive!

Leona will be answering your business and community questions on the Creative Genius Bar.

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