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Hannah Silvani

Crafter - The New Craft House

Hannah is one half of the duo known as The New Craft House. She works full-time at a studio near Kings Cross with Rosie where you can find them blogging their latest craft projects, running craft workshops and making their own craft kits. They’ve been friends since going to school together and started The New Craft House just after graduating a few years ago.

Hannah grew up in Germany and now lives in Hackney. She bought her first sewing machine at uni and taught herself to use it with help from sewing blogs, she now spends a lot of time sewing and is on a mission to create a completely handmade wardrobe. She also loves quilting; her Grandmother was an amazing quilter and taught her lots of different skills and techniques.

The New Craft House will be running the craft section of the Creative Genius Bar giving you a space to make something while you make a friend.

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