Carrie Santana da Silva - Blogtacular

Carrie Santana da Silva

Blogger - WishWishWish

Carrie started her award-winning blog WishWishWish as a 17-year-old in her bedroom in Somerset. Ten years on Carrie is recognised as an industry expert having photographed and shared her life online for the past decade, turning a hobby into a full-time career.

With a focus on travel and personal style, Carrie’s channels are known for their focus on beautiful photography. Her work is renowned for it’s high quality and storytelling. She is sought out by brands to communicate their campaigns and by readers who trust her opinions.

Carrie will be joining Laura Jane Williams to host an Instagram Stories workshop: Creating Compelling Insta-Stories (No Matter What Size Your Audience) where she’ll share the secrets behind her stunning instagram stories.

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