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2018 Applications Are Closed

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At Blogtacular we are always on the hunt for creative, passionate bloggers with an interesting view on the world.

The spirit of Blogtacular is one of inspiration, innovation and togetherness.

We plan our schedule based around the creative and practical skills bloggers, small business owners and content creators need.

The focus of sessions is less on personal stories and more on useful information that people can put into action for themselves. Our aim is for attendees to leave with a raft of new ideas and their creative cup refilled.

You have nothing to lose by applying. Even if your pitch isn’t accepted there may well be opportunities to work together in other ways.

Take the plunge, good things will happen.

Speaker Fees


Blogtacular pays speakers. Fees are based on a set scale.

We do not pay travel or accommodation so please keep this in mind when applying.

All speakers have a full conference ticket as part of their fee.

Speakers need to be free for the entire day on 16th June 2017 (15th for photowalk) and able to be in London.

What we are looking for

The Speakers

Every year we look for outstanding speakers who are making waves in the world.

Our criteria for saying YES PLEASE to someone vary but these three statements are where we start start:

  • They really get the spirit of Blogtacular.
  • Representing the diversity of our community is an important part of our speaker selection.
  • Speaker presentations are of high quality visual design throughout the conference.


The Sessions

Pitches are open for:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Workshop talks
  • Hands on Styling / Photography Workshops
  • The Photowalk (Friday afternoon session)
  • The Creative Genius Bar

Sessions vary in size. Keynotes are delivered to the full conference of 350+ attendees, workshops to an audience of 80 – 150, the photowalk is around 50 people and the Creative Genius Bar is 1-2-1.

We’re looking for sessions which will delight, challenge and level-up our community.

Keynotes talks are the bookends of the day. Delivered by heavyweights in the industry whose work is widely known and respected. For examples of past keynotes you can view them on our YouTube channel.

Our schedule isn’t set in stone until we have pitches in. We have a few staples to deliver and a whole heap of interesting new subjects to dive into.


Application Criteria

Please email (no attachments) the following details to speakers{-AT-}blogtacular.com no later than midnight 9th February.

Pitches which do not meet the criteria outlined below will not be considered, please take time to ensure that you are sending us a complete application.

Please check the F.A.Q.s below if you have questions.

1. Your name, blog name, URL and all social media channels (as links please)

2. The outline of your session including as much detail as possible (two line pitches are unlikely to provide us with enough information to book a session).

  • Give us a full description of your session, the actionable points you anticipate people taking away and how you see your session as relevant to Blogtacular attendees.
  • If you are pitching to be on a panel please let us know what roles other panellists would play in the session and if you have specific bloggers in mind.
  • If your session requires props please cost them so we are able to factor them into our budget.
  • If your session has specific space requirements or size restrictions please also detail them.
  • If you are pitching for the Creative Genius Bar or photowalk rather than a workshop or talk please give us full details and any associated costings.

3. Please let us know why you are the best person to run this session. Feel free to include examples of your work which will support your application. This is your opportunity to sell yourself as a speaker.

4. Images should be embedded in the email and low-res, please link to one or two relevant posts / videos (do bear in mind that a large number of links in one application may not be clicked).

5. Please detail any of your past speaking gigs, any you have booked for 2018 or if you are planning to apply to any similar events, please also detail these with a top-line overview of the session. If there are videos of you speaking please link us.

6. Finally please let us know if you attended Blogtacular in the past.

If we are interested in your pitch you will be invited to discuss the session or give Kat a ten minute sample via Skype.


Q: Did you get my email?

A: Let’s assume that if you sent it and didn’t get an error message it has safely reached the Blogtacular inbox.


Q: Can I pitch a talk I’ve already given elsewhere?

A: We prefer to have original sessions which aren’t available elsewhere. You can try, it’s likely you will diminish your chances.


Q: Can I pitch for my client?

A: No, we like to have our pitches directly from the speaker.


Q: I would like to suggest a speaker, is this possible?

A: Yes, drop us a line and connect us to the person you have in mind. Better still, contact them directly and suggest they send a pitch before 9th February.


Q: I’m not a blogger, can I pitch?

A: Yes, we occasionally have non-bloggers speaking. We will look at your other social channels and work in the case of you not having a blog.


Q: Do you have any tips on pitching?

A: Yes, make sure you tick off every relevant item on the list above, be detailed (a three line outline might not cover all angles) & keep in mind the spirit of Blogtacular. If you want some more in-depth suggestions head to this post.


Q: When do speaker pitches close?

A: Midnight on 9th February 2018. They will re-open for Blogtacular 2019 in January 2019.


Q: What will I need to do if I am selected as a speaker?

A: We will sign an agreement laying out everything we both agree to do, you will need to provide your slide show to us in May (this is very important), you will need to attend Blogtacular and give your talk. There’s a bit more to it but those are the big points.


Q: When will I hear if I have been successful? 

A: We aim to let everyone who pitches know by 14th February via email.


Q: Will I get specific feedback on my pitch?

A: No, due to the volume of pitches we are unable to give feedback.


Q: I have a question not on this list!

A: Super! Get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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