Episode 036: The ASA & CAP

Emma Smith Copy Advice Manager at the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) on The Blogtacular Podcast

Emma Smith is the Copy Advice Manager at the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). She studied entertainment law before joining the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)’s compliance team in 2011.

Emma joined the CAP Copy Advice Team in 2015 and took over as manager in 2017. The team provides advertisers, agencies and publishers with free and confidential advice on non-broadcast advertising giving an informed view of how best to navigate the CAP Code.

ASA on the Blogtacular Podcast CAP on the Blogtacular Podcast


In this episode we go through the guidelines from the ASA and CAP and how it relates to the kind of content influencers and online entrepreneurs publish. We discuss different scenarios and Emma gives clear advice on how to label all of your posts.

With thanks to the team at ASA and CAP for enabling this interview.

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The ASA’s Links: CAP Twitter | ASA Twitter | Linkedin

Resources links from the ASA, CAP & CMA:

Affiliate Infographic

Influencer’s Guide to Ads and Ad Labelling (this is essential reading and will give you the best overview of your responsibilities).


Recognising Ad Features

Video Blog Scenarios

Recognising Ads: Blogs & Vlogs

Recognising Ads Social Media

Recognising Native Ads

Vloggers, bloggers and brands: a short guide to the ad rules

Additional Guides:

Child Audiences

Affiliate Marketing


Scope of the Rules:

Remit Social Media

Remit Own Site


Content and Native Disclosure Guidelines


Businesses and Marketing Companies

Publishers of Online Endorsements

60 Second Summaries


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