Episode 048: Tiffany Han

Tiffany Han on the Blogtacular Podcast

Tiffany Han is a life coach who teaches smart, driven women how to raise their hands and say yes to all the things they want to do, be, and say without compromising their standards—or their sanity. As the host of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast (now in its fifth year with over 1.2 million downloads!), Tiffany is most interested in telling the truth about a life of chasing your dreams—tangles and all. She’s been featured by Inc.com, salon.com, and Flow Magazine and has delivered keynotes both domestically and abroad. With a penchant for keeping it real, her work focuses on how women can stop over-performing for the sake of the life that somebody else dictates for them and instead start saying yes to themselves.

Tiffany Han on the Blogtacular Podcast

Throughout her life, Tiffany has said yes to smart things, big things, and seemingly-impossible things (hello sobriety, starting a business, and having twins!), and along the way, she’s learned that the road to a fulfilled life that feels like freedom is paved with bold moves made from deep within our discomfort zones, a vast understanding of ourselves, and a communion with our core values. Tiffany lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and twin daughters and starts as many dance parties as possible in her spare time (ha!).

Tiffany’s Links: instagram | twitter | podcast | pinterest | website | the inner circle

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Tiffany Han on the Blogtacular Podcast

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