Episode 044: Emma Block

Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast

Emma Block is a multidisciplinary illustrator living in London. She is renowned for her carefree and feminine illustration style which can be seen across  editorial illustration, publishing, packaging and branding.

She studied Illustration at university and has been working freelance full time since she graduated 7 years ago.

Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast

Her first adult non-fiction book, a guide to painting with watercolours came out in the summer of 2018. Titled The Joy of Watercolour, it is a guide to unleashing your painterly side with clear instructions and lessons.

She teaches sell out watercolour, gouache and brush lettering workshops regularly in London. Emma loves inspiring people to be more creative, through her workshops, instagram and book.

In this episode we discuss what Emma has learned about who to say yes to and the surprising technique she used for writing her book.

Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast

Emma’s Links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Shop

Emma’s Book: The Joy of Watercolour

University of Middlesex Illustration



Emma’s West Elm Workshops


Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast Listen Here

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Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast


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Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast