Episode 043: Janet Murray

Janet Murray on the Blogtacular Podcast

Janet Murray is a PR coach, speaker, author and podcaster who helps small business owners promote themselves more effectively so they can make more money. Janet has spent 17 years writing and editing for national newspapers/magazines like the Guardian. Although her background is traditional media (i.e.newspapers, magazines, radio & TV) Janet is a keen content marketer and believes blogging/vlogging, email marketing and social media marketing is should be part of the PR/marketing mix for all small business owners.

Starting out her career teaching English in secondary schools, Janet retrained in journalism before finding her own space in the PR and Business Support space around 4 or 5 years ago. She understands that it’s hard to find time for PR when you’re running your own business, so uses her experience to help small business owners promote themselves more effectively.

Janet Murray on the Blogtacular Podcast

In this episode Janet takes us through how to get coverage for your blog or business, the easy steps you can take and why press coverage is still a relevant part of your promotion mix.

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Janet Murray on the Blogtacular Podcast

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