Episode 041: Jess Sims and Kate Baxter

Kate Baxter and Jessica Sims on The Blogtacular Podcast

Now both freelance, Kate and Jess founded Be More Hive at the beginning of 2018.

Early on in her career, Jess was the leader of digital at the agency she was working in and quickly recognised that social media & blogging were going to be a game changer for the PR industry. She went on to work as West Elm’s PR, Marketing, Social Manager – a position many of you may have got to know her in over the last five years.  It was here that she honed her skills for community engagement, influencer marketing and nailed the meaning of authentic outreach. Jess left this position to set up her own consultancy in November 2017.

Jess is a big foodie and feels most at home in the kitchen. Don’t get her on the topic of gin or cheese – she’s master of both and will chew your ear off for hours about her love for them both. As a Tooting resident, she’s a big fan of SW London’s food and drink scene.

Kate started her blog, Fabric of my life, almost a decade ago and is known in throughout the interiors world. She is a lover of Scandinavian interior design with a bohemian twist and an avid traveller. Kate founded October Communications in 2013 before leaving to set up her own consultancy.  Kate has a multi-faceted skill-set that allows her to approach every campaign with a creative, big-picture perspective, whether working with a small start-up business or an established industry player.

Since moving away from London to Manchester, the home of her beloved Manchester United Football Club, she spends her weekends exploring the city and its surroundings to hunt down all the best coffee spots, or enjoying the creature comforts of her new apartment. She’s also a massive X Files geek – don’t get her started on David Duchovny!

Kate Baxter and Jessica Sims on The Blogtacular Podcast

Jess and Kate founded Be more Hive having got tired of all the negative conversations on social media surrounding influencer marketing. With Kate’s background as an influencer and Jess’ experience working with big global brands, they joined forces to show brands and bloggers how to make more impact with the content they produce, whilst simultaneously creating a more constructive conversation between the two entities in a non-consumer facing environment.

Be More Hive is an epicentre for that approach; finding good examples, learning how to do it right and setting some industry standards.

Goodbye negativity, hello collaborative hive.

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Kate Baxter and Jessica Sims on The Blogtacular Podcast

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