Episode 037: Lauren Mahon

Tilly and the Buttons on the Blogtacular Podcast

Lauren Mahon, blogger at Girl Stole London, is a courageous breast cancer survivor who uses the power of online communities to help raise awareness and normalise conversations around cancer.

At just 32 years old, Lauren was diagnosed with an aggressive 2.8cm ‘Grade 3’ cancerous lump in her right breast and it sent life as she knew it into a tailspin. She sought reassurance and companionship from other like-mined women, but was shocked to find there was nothing she could relate to. Lauren found that the materials available spoke to an older generation, leaving her feeling isolated.

Tilly and the Buttons on the Blogtacular Podcast

Frustrated by the perception that cancer is a disease for the over fifties, Lauren decided to grab her breast cancer diagnosis by the boobs and began sharing the nuances of her cancer beating crusade on her blog and Instagram under the hashtag #GIRLvsCANCER.

Girl vs Cancer is now a blog in it’s own right and a place where women effected by cancer can go to feel empowered and for help and support. The blog tackles the subjects that matter most to those affected and offers information on things like cancer treatments and charities offering support. They also sell a range of tongue in cheek t-shirts to help spread awareness and raise money for GIRLvsCANCER partnered charities.

Tilly and the Buttons on the Blogtacular Podcast

Lauren’s helps to break the taboo around cancer, by discussing her experiences an authentic and accessible way. Her work has been recognised by the national press, including The Independant, Look Magazine, Refinery29 and The Debrief. She is now ‘all clear’ but continues to work hard to change the way people perceive cancer and is opening a dialogue on this sensitive subject.

Tilly and the Buttons on the Blogtacular Podcast

In this week’s episode we discuss Lauren’s work on GIRLvsCANCER and how she’s helping women in her situation to find hope and support.

Lauren’s Links: GIRLSvsCANCER | GIRL STOLE LONDONShopTwitter | Instagram

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