Episode 033: Kayte Ferris

Kayte Ferris is a marketer turned blogger, Instagrammer, coach and mentor. In 2017 she left behind a career in marketing to start her own business where she helps creative people develop marketing strategies and grow with soul.

When Kayte left university with a MA in History of Art, she discovered that her dream job of working in a museum would not be easy to come by and so instead took and entry level content role in London as her first job. It was here that her interest in content marketing, which then led her to take on a role where she was responsible for all marketing at a small, local business.

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Here she learnt how to be creative with tiny budgets, while creating successful marketing strategies, that focussed on building connections between people.


Not only did Kayte opt out of corporate life but she left England behind for the wilds of Snowdonia where she now lives with her partner and dog.

On the podcast we discuss simple marketing and how it’s really not as complicated as you might think.

Kayte’s Links: Simple & Season | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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