Episode 032: Natalie Lue

Natalie Lue on the Blogtacular podcast

This week I’m chatting with author, blogger and podcaster, Natalie Lue.

She does for emotional baggage what Marie Kondo inspires people to do in their homes. She helps people who want to feel more confident and who want to enjoy more loving relationships and experiences, to break the patterns and adapt the habits that are holding them back such as emotional unavailability, people pleasing.

Natalie has been blogging for almost 14 years and has seen trends and patterns come, repeat and go.

She has self-published several books and sold more than 100K copies and guides, inspires and supports people on her wildly popular ecourses.

Natalie Lue on The Blogtacular Podcast

We recorded this as Natalie celebrated an amazing 10 years of earning a full time income from blogging. In this episode we chat about she she’s successfully grown her business through diversifying income streams and creating online courses that genuinely help people to feel better about themselves. Plus we have a good old chinwag so it’s split into two parts.

Natalie’s Links: Baggage Reclaim | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Soundcloud


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Part One:

Part Two:

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Natalie Lue on the Blogtacular podcast