Episode 031: GDPR Basics with Zoë Findon


GDPR Basics with Zoe Findon on the Blogtacular Podcast

In this podcast we cover the basics of getting your blog or business ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This podcast and information in it is not legal advice. Please seek legal counsel on matters relating to your compliance.

I’m joined by Zoë Findon. Project Manager at Purple Patch PMO who is working with small businesses to make sure they are compliant with the new regulations. She’s a career loving mum providing as much or as little people, process or project management as organisations need to succeed, while single parenting a nearly 10 year old! Zoë lives on the Isle of Wight and works everywhere.

GDPR Basics with Zoe Findon on the Blogtacular Podcast

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We will update this section with relevant articles when they become available.

GDPR Document from Mailchimp this is an excellent document to help you understand and implement GDPR with your mailing list.

UPDATED: Mailchimp GDPR Tools and How to Use Them

ConvertKit sent us a statement reading:

We’re in the process of becoming compliant with GDPR and will be compliant well ahead of the upcoming deadline.

More specifically, we’re working with our legal team to become compliant with Privacy Shield, which is a framework the U.S. built in collaboration with the EU for U.S.-based businesses to become compliant with GDPR.

We’ll be offering customers the opportunity to sign a data processing agreement with ConvertKit as evidence to show that the data they share with us is handled within the requirements of the EU. Beyond that, if any of our European customers suggest features they need in order to continue using ConvertKit in a way that keeps them out of legal trouble relating to GDPR, we’ll proactively take those requests to our product team to consider adding them to the top of our product development roadmap.


UPDATED: Do I need to email asking for consent again?

Register with the ICO as a Data Controller – yes, you need to do this.

ICO Guide to GDPR

GDPR and Cookies

Google Analytics, IP addresses and GDPR

What is GDPR and how does it affect bloggers and freelancers? – a helpful primer

WordPress Resources:

Our team have not tested or developed any plugin mentioned, please exercise usual caution when installing on your site.

Delete Me Plugin for WordPress

GDPR Compliance Plugin for WordPress

Privacy Policy Genius Plugin for WordPress

WooCommerce Guide to GDPR

UPDATED: SquareSpace and GDPR


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