Episode 030: Supal Desai

Supal Desai on the Blogtacular podcast

This week on the Blogtacular podcast, I’m chatting with lifestyle blogger and fashion strategy consultant, Supal Desai. Born and raised in America, Supal decided to make the jump to living in the UK while studying for a Masters in International Relations, at the University of St. Andrews.

Supal has enjoyed a diverse career, spanning from working in intelligence, to now owning her own consultancy specialising in luxury brand strategy. But, the motivation to take the leap from working in government to running her own brand consulting and blog was fuelled by her love of creativity and fashion.

Supal Desai on the Blogtacular podcast

In this weeks episode, we discuss how blogging has given Supal invaluable transferable skills that have helped her to build a thriving business. As well as how she manages juggling a successful blog alongside working full time. 

Supal’s Links: Chevrons and Eclairs | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Supal Desai on the Blogtacular podcast

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Supal Desai on the Blogtacular podcast