Episode 029: Influencer Controversies with Kat

Kat Molesworth on Influencer Controversies on the Blogtacular Podcast

Controversies and spats have been blowing up in every industry since the beginning of time. Drama may not be limited to the influencer marketing world but it is heavily linked to it. People barely need to step out of line before they are accused of causing YouTube drama or entitled, ungrateful bloggers.

In this episode Kat explores a couple of recent incidents and their implications for the industry. She also takes advice from the ASA on where you stand when you make a personal post about a brand you work with in another capacity.

ASA Spokesperson Statement:

If in the influencer’s ambassador contract with the brand there is no obligation to post a certain number of ads, then a post on the influencer’s channel that happens to include products from the brand won’t necessarily be considered advertising.

However, if the brand has given payment for an ambassador to post (whether it’s a monetary payment or other forms of exchange) and if the brand has had some control or oversight over the content, the post would be considered an ad and would be subject to CAP code.

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