Episode 025: Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis on the Blogtacular Podcast

Dominique Davis is a 30-year-old mother of two, living in the North East of England who turned her hobby, Instagram, into her full-time job. While on maternity with her youngest, Penny, she discovered the world of blogs. From there she spent the rest of her maternity trying to get to grips with IG, often unsuccessfully.

After being back to work for a year, their childcare system started to fall apart. Dom (and her partner Dom) decided in October 2015 that she would leave work to take care of Penny full time. This then gave her the opportunity to work on my Instagram and blog, and she says it was probably the best decision of her life.

Dominique Davis on the Blogtacular Podcast

By May 2016 she’d reached her first milestone – 10k – and from there her followers grew at a fairly fast rate, reaching 59k by December 2016. Then January came, and with it her first Instagram feature. Instagram featured one of her, now iconic, #allthatisthree images, and not only did she gain 6k followers from that but it was picked up by many publications, so not surprisingly, the next few weeks went crazy. Since that first feature her account has snowballed – 4 more Instagram features, viral images, and a huge growth in followers (241k in 9 months).

In our interview we discuss how Dominique came to her style, why your top nine still matters and why she thinks you have to demand the like.

Dominique’s Links: Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook

All That is Three Hashtag

Class System Sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker & Ronnie Corbett

Objects for Outfits Hashtag

Being Featured By Instagram

Dominique Davis on the Blogtacular Podcast

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Dominique Davis on the Blogtacular Podcast