Episode 017: Philippa Stanton 5ftinf

Philippa Stanton on the Blogtacular Podcast

Philippa Stanton has a career spanning many disciplines. Many will know her work on instagram as 5ftinf or her work as a synaesthetic painter, you may have even seen her at The Globe or on the Boots Christmas advert as an actor.

She has lived in Brighton for the last 15 years and shares her personal view of the work on Instagram daily. Her following has grown to the hundreds of thousands as people are drawn to her colourful table top living collages.

Philippa is an advocate for sitting and doing nothing (try it) and loves writing lists, Spaghetti Western soundtracks, riding her bike, sitting at the table, drinking tea and looking at things.

As an artist with synaesthesia Philippa’s work explores the intersection of the senses and the pictures we have in our minds.

Philippa’s Links: blog | website | instagram | twitter | facebook | pinterest | shop | steller

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Microphones: Samson C01U, Blue Yeti, Zoom H4N, Tascam.

5ftinf Table Collage 5ftinf Table Collage


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The Real 5ft Infant

Synaesthetic Painting The Aroma of Redroaster Indonesian Sumatra Coffee by Philippa Stanton