Episode 015: Nikki McWilliams

Nikki McWilliams by Kat Molesworth

Nikki McWilliams is Creative Director, Founder and Chief Biscuit Sampler at Nikki McWilliams Ltd.

Well known for her biscuit cushions; Nikki’s designs are inspired by a love of British culture, contemporary Pop-Art and her fascination with the ritual of the Tea Break. Always a little nostalgic, her work has been described as bright & playful with an attention to detail that’s made to last.

In our interview we discuss finding her path, connecting with community and defining success.

Nikki’s links: website | blog | instagram | twitter | pinterest | facebook | youtube

Helen’s links: Blog | Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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Nikki McWilliams Biscuit Cushions

Nikki McWilliams Tea and Biscuits Enamel Pins

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Photography: Nikki McWilliams & Kat Molesworth

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Nikki McWilliams by Kat Molesworth