Sara Tasker on the Blogtacular Podcast discussing Instagram photo by James Melia

Episode 013: Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker aka Me & Orla joins us on the podcast this week. Sara started a 365 photo project on Instagram just before she gave birth to her daughter. In the three years since she began she has left her career in the NHS to work as a Instagram Pro, iPhonographer, coach and freelance writer….

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Natalie Lue on The Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 012: Natalie Lue

Our guest for the Season 1 Finale is Natalie Lue. Natalie started blogging following a bad date and her dating exploits quickly built a strong readership. In the intervening decade and a bit she has launched two successful blog brands, Baggage Reclaim and Bambino Goodies. Leaving her job in advertising to work full time on…

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Kristabel Plummer on The Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 011: Kristabel Plummer

Our guest this week is Kristabel Plummer, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger. Her blog, I Want You to Know, started as a way to share all the things she loved as a student and has grown into her career. With a background in fashion and design Kristabel brings an informed eye to the fashion world….

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Episode 010: Lara Watson

Our guest this week is Lara Watson. Lara has worked her way up through magazines from a stint on a booze trade mag to become one of the industry’s brightest young editors. In our interview we discuss finding your voice, staying true to yourself online and what it was like to take the leap from Editor…

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Bangs and a Bun on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 009: Bangs and a Bun

Our guest this week is lifestyle and fitness blogger Bangs and a Bun aka Muireann Carey-Campbell. Since her blog launched in 2007 Bangs has become known for her strong no-nonsense voice and her passion for fitness. Her interest in fitness and running was sparked via a PR campaign which went badly wrong. She went from couch…

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