Tilly and the Buttons on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 035: Tilly Walnes

Tilly Walnes is an author, blogger, teacher and pattern designer. She’s on a mission to inspire more people to make their own clothes. Her blog has been read over 14 million times, by over 3.5 million people worldwide and her award winning sewing pattern company is known for great design, clear instructions and encouraging approach…

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Clare Mackintosh on the Blogtacular podcast

Episode 034: Clare Mackintosh

Clare Mackintosh is a former police officer turned Sunday Times Best Selling Author. She spent 12 years working in the police force, a career that prepared her surprisingly well for a move into writing. Working as a detective meant it was her job to collect and assimilate information from witness statements, forensics and CCTV, and…

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Kayte Ferris on the Blogtacular podcast - img 4

Episode 033: Kayte Ferris

Kayte Ferris is a marketer turned blogger, Instagrammer, coach and mentor. In 2017 she left behind a career in marketing to start her own business where she helps creative people develop marketing strategies and grow with soul. When Kayte left university with a MA in History of Art, she discovered that her dream job of working…

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Natalie Lue on the Blogtacular podcast

Episode 032: Natalie Lue

This week I’m chatting with author, blogger and podcaster, Natalie Lue. She does for emotional baggage what Marie Kondo inspires people to do in their homes. She helps people who want to feel more confident and who want to enjoy more loving relationships and experiences, to break the patterns and adapt the habits that are holding them…

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GDPR Basics with Zoe Findon on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 031: GDPR Basics with Zoë Findon

  In this podcast we cover the basics of getting your blog or business ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This podcast and information in it is not legal advice. Please seek legal counsel on matters relating to your compliance. I’m joined by Zoë Findon. Project Manager at Purple Patch PMO who is working with small…

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