Emma Block on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 044: Emma Block

Emma Block is a multidisciplinary illustrator living in London. She is renowned for her carefree and feminine illustration style which can be seen across  editorial illustration, publishing, packaging and branding. She studied Illustration at university and has been working freelance full time since she graduated 7 years ago. Her first adult non-fiction book, a guide…

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Season Four Trailer & Catch Up

This Blog Means Business Tickets. Twitter Moment please tweet us your suggestions to add to the moment Tweet us, get in touch or send us an Insta DM to let us know who you’d like to see at a live show @blogtacular Back with a full series this Autumn! Blogtacular is the podcast which explores the…

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Janet Murray on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 043: Janet Murray

Janet Murray is a PR coach, speaker, author and podcaster who helps small business owners promote themselves more effectively so they can make more money. Janet has spent 17 years writing and editing for national newspapers/magazines like the Guardian. Although her background is traditional media (i.e.newspapers, magazines, radio & TV) Janet is a keen content…

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Kate Baxter and Jessica Sims on The Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 041: Jess Sims and Kate Baxter

Now both freelance, Kate and Jess founded Be More Hive at the beginning of 2018. Early on in her career, Jess was the leader of digital at the agency she was working in and quickly recognised that social media & blogging were going to be a game changer for the PR industry. She went on to…

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