Pitching Brands

When we ran a survey about making money from your blog over 90% of bloggers wanted to work with brands. On the flip side, most bloggers also reported that the majority of the brand approaches they received weren’t appropriate for their blog. So how do you bridge that gap? The answer is to reverse the relationship and pitch the brands you want to work with.

At Blogtacular 2015 Thomson are landing their plane and inviting bloggers to step aboard and pitch their holiday plans. All the good pitches will be going on holiday. I know, right? This week we held a webinar to talk about perfecting your pitch and here are our 5 tips for bloggers pitching brands.

5 Tips for Bloggers Pitching Brands

1. Research: doing your research on the brand and the kind of campaigns they have run before not only comes across well but it will tell you if your idea is replicating something they have already done. Find out everything about the product you are interested before you send your pitch or you could alienate them from the start.

2. Angle: having an angle to your pitch makes it unique. Think about the niche aspects of the product which fit with you, your audience and the brand then pitch that. For example, a guide to gluten free eating in Italy might be something that a travel company would want to feature on their blog.

3. Get Your Site Ready: when you pitch someone you should expect the first thing they will do is to check out your blog and social channels. Have your best content available to view and ensure that your site reflects what you have pitched. If you’re pitching an interiors brand, for example, but don’t have images from your home it’s unlikely they are going to be able to picture their product on your site.

4. Make Your Pitch Feel Like a Taste of The Content: you want to give the brand a taste of the milk without handing over the cow. Your approach should include examples of what you can do, it should be written in the voice you will use during the campaign and it should have the main points of what you are offering. By being really clear about what’s on offer and having it reflect your style there can be no confusion about what they’re signing up to.

5. Sell Yourself: let’s not hold back when it comes to talking about your achievements. Got great traffic with high engagement on social media? Have those stats in your pitch. Do you create stunning photos and videos? Make sure you shout about them. There is nothing to be gained in pitching by being modest. If you want a brand to work with you, you need to give them reasons to spend the budget on you and not one of the other seven people who pitched that day.

Nail these five points in your pitch and you’re on your way to successfully working with the brands you love.

Want more tips or planning to pitch Thomson at Blogtacular? Watch our hour long webinar with Christian Torres of Thomson and discover what they are looking for in a holiday pitch.