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Each week we host a #Blogtacular twitter chat on a Wednesday night at 9pm UK time. We pick a different subject ask questions, share ideas and tips with each other. Here we will bring you a round up of the thoughts, tips, ideas and experiences shared.

The Wednesday night Twitter chat was all about Pinterest. In celebration of their new hubs for Makers and Foodies (check out our post with all of the details) UK Pinterest manager, Sarah Bush joined us for a chat. The evening was a split of regular twitter chat and your questions for Pinterest as asked by us.

You can click on images to view the quotes and view the full chat on our Storify.

 How long have you been on Pinterest?

Blogtacular Pinterest How Long.

The majority of participants had been on Pinterest for 1 – 2 years with a few who joined back in 2010 at the invite only stage.

What do you use Pinterest for?

Pinterest Blogtacular Twitter Chat Q1

People’s use of Pinterest is widely varied. We had replies saying that people used it to plan books, renovations, parties, blog posts, to immerse themselves in beauty, to switch off and unwind, to promote their work, to connect to new readers, to plan fashion collections, to trend watch and so much more. How about you? What are you using Pinterest for?

How much of your blog traffic comes via Pinterest?

Pinterest Blogtacular Twitter Chat Q2

Many people said that Pinterest was their number one referrer. For others, traffic from Pinterest gave from a third to half of their traffic rivaling Twitter and Facebook. Some people said they got very little traffic from Pinterest but were keen to make their blog more Pin-friendly.

Next we turned our attention to the questions you sent in for Sarah.

 Pinterest Blogtacular Twitter Chat Interview 1

Blogtacular: We’re now going to put the questions you sent in to us to @Sarah_PinUK. We’ll start with their new Makers & Foodies Hubs.

Blogtacular: How many board owners will there be per hub, and what are the criteria for being accepted?

Sarah Pinterest: We’re just building our Makers and Foodies hubs now, so it’s too early to say how many owners there will be overall. The most important criteria for board champions are great content and a genuine passion for your subject!

Blogtacular: When will new hub categories be introduced and what will they be?

Sarah Pinterest: We hope to introduce some new hubs soon, but you can expect them to be in some of the most popular categories on Pinterest.


 Pinterest Blogtacular Twitter Chat Interview 2

Blogtacular: Could you clear up some concerns about copyright? Is it one big legal mess waiting to explode?

Sarah Pinterest: We def respect copyright & want creators to get credit for their work. For more, here’s our policy: For those who don’t want to participate, we have “no pin” code that prevents pinning from a site:

Blogtacular: Is it better to pin little and often or to have occasional sprees?

Sarah Pinterest: We recommend pinning when you’re feeling inspired – pin when you see things you love and genuinely want to share!

Blogtacular: Is it possible to schedule pins?

Sarah Pinterest: Nope, not right now.

 Pinterest Blogtacular Twitter Chat Interview 3

Blogtacular: For an account associated with a blog/business; is there a limit to how much of your own stuff you can pin?

Sarah Pinterest: Businesses should pin what inspires them. So use Pinterest to express the story and motivation behind your brand/business/blog.

Blogtacular: Any guidance on this kind of account or pinning your own stuff?

Sarah Pinterest: We encourage everyone to pin what interests them, which often results in a mix of stuff from their own site & from other sites.

Blogtacular: Which pins are more popular, ‘useful’ pins or visually attractive ones?

Sarah Pinterest: People use Pinterest in so many ways – there’s a place for the beautiful and the ‘how-to’ pins. Just pin things you care about!

Blogtacular: And our final crowd-sourced question to Pinterest which was the most frequent one sent to us… Is there a best time of day to Pin or a best day to Pin?

Sarah Pinterest: Actually no not necessarily. Since pins resurface through category and search feeds, there isn’t necessarily one optimal time.

Blogtacular: I was not expecting that to be a no!

Huge thanks to Sarah for joining us to answer your questions.

 Pinterest Blogtacular Twitter Chat Tips

As we delved into your tips for better pinning Emma @lovingourpics alerted us to the fact that we were the number one trending topic in the UK – Woooo hoooo!

Blogtacular #1 Trend

As always a lively chat and well worth reading through the tweets on Storify to pick up tips, tricks ideas and some amazing Pinterest boards to follow.

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