Our Favourite IFTTT Recipes



Are you using IFTTT (aka If THIS then THAT) yet?  You should be!  The service is a great one to get the internet working for you and making sure your social media efforts are maximised to the hilt.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a service that gets various parts of your social media working together.  You create recipes based on your social media profiles that trigger actions in other platforms (or as IFTTT calls them channels).  Its a great way to take some of the hassle out of social media and direct content to your various platforms.

Here are some of our favourite recipes for getting your social media act together!
IFTTT Recipe: If your Facebook profile picture changes then update your Twitter picture too connects facebook to twitter

1. If your Facebook Profile Picture Changes, Then Update Your Twitter Picture Too. Keep your social media profiles in sync with this recipe that will automatically update your twitter profile pic when you change your Facebook photo.


IFTTT Recipe: Automatically post your Instagrams as Twitter photos connects instagram to twitter
2. Automatically Post Your Instagrams as Twitter Photos

Sure, you can natively share your Instagrams to Twitter in the insta app, but most of the time, it will just show up as a link. This recipe will post your Instagrams as full photos in Twitter, which will help your engagement.



IFTTT Recipe: New Instagram photo upload a new Photo on Facebook Page Album connects instagram to facebook-pages 

3. If You Post a Photo on Instagram, It Will Post To an Album on Your Facebook Page Instantly share your photos across Instagram and your Facebook page for your blog.  This is a great if you (like me) are guilty of spending more time on Instagram than on Facebook.


IFTTT Recipe: Use Buffer to share your latest Feedly sources connects feedly to buffer

4. Use Buffer to Share Your Feedly Sources

Do you use buffer to schedule your social media?  IFTTT has a great recipe for sharing the awesome posts you find on Feedly. You can also use a recipe to add your instagram posts to Buffer as well!



IFTTT Recipe: Pin your Instagrams to a board connects instagram to pinterest

5. Post your Instagrams to a Pinterest Board

Keep your pinterest followers up to date on your happenings on Instagram with this awesome recipe.