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Everything You Need to Know About Attending Blogtacular

Who Comes to Blogtacular?

Who can come to Blogtacular?

Blogtacular welcomes bloggers, instagrammers, podcasters and indie businesses looking to develop their online presence.

Yes, we know the name is more bloggy – we thought it was a great idea at the time!

We have an allocation of tickets for PR, brand and SEO professionals who want to network with our attendees.

What level of blogger is the event for?

Our sessions are pitched to be enjoyed by bloggers who have not yet launched their blog, old hands and everyone in between. We have a Creative Genius Bar with 1-2-1 sessions for specific questions.

Why do people come to Blogtacular?

People come to Blogtacular for a range of reasons. Primarily people come to learn, feel inspired and improve what they do online. A huge element of the event is meeting people both bloggers, indie business owners and those representing brands; connections made in person run deep. You might be coming to see a favourite blogger speak in person or to take a particular class. Many come to gain inspiration and energy to see them through the next twelve months of work. Whatever the reason you’ll find a programme which serves your needs.

What are the people like?

The Blogtacular community is overwhelmingly positive, friendly and enthusiastic. It’s like stepping into a hug joining them for the first time and we look forward to the uplifting atmosphere every year.





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I’m nervous about coming alone.

That is totally understandable and we have a number of ways for you to make friends because you won’t be the only person in this situation.

Before the event:

  • Facebook: We run a Facebook group for ticket holders every year which is a place for you to chat and get to know people before the event. It’s a great place to start a thread to find fellow bloggers who might want to meet up.
  • Twitter: On the first Wednesday of every month we run a twitter chat for anyone who wants to join to discuss different aspects of blogging, social media, creativity, photography and online life. Lots of Blogtacular attendees join in and it’s a great way to see whose ideas you chime with.
  • Blogging: Writing about your excitement and asking if your readers will be going to Blogtacular helps you to stand out. Blogtacular will share any posts about the conference shared on the hashtag #blogtacular.

At the event

  • Photowalk: Joining the photowalks is a fun way to get to know people. After two hours of walking, talking and making fun photos the conversation will be flowing.
  • Morning Networking: Arrive at 08:30 sharp to enjoy breakfast and networking before the conference gets into full swing.
  • Introvert Spaces: Yes, being in big groups can be draining for some. We have a few corners of the conference tucked away from the hustle for you to take a break and have a quiet conversation or two.
  • Dinner / brunch: If you don’t have to run off on the stroke of six o’clock you might want to organise a meal with fellow attendees. This is a great way to get to know people in an intimate space and decompress after a full on day of learning and excitement.

How To Prepare For Blogtacular

Got your ticket, now what?

Get to Know People:

Use the Facebook group and twitter chats to get to know people. As people post introductions you can hop over to their blog and social channels to find out more.

Business Cards:

Business cards are really handy for sharing at the event. It gives you a quick way to connect and be remembered. Go for a design which reflects your brand or personality – make them memorable. Some people use a book or a permanent pen to make notes alongside the card so they remember who they were chatting to.

Prep Your Intro:

At Blogtacular you can introduce yourself as a blogger with no further explanation *happy dance* It helps to figure out exactly how you’ll be pitching yourself. You don’t have to be selling something to benefit from an elevator pitch. Getting used to saying what you do in a couple of sentences makes introductions smoothly.

Give Your Blog a Tidy:

People will take action and come over to visit your virtual home. Give it a Spring clean, make sure your social channels are easy to find and that the links work. Update your about page and link it to some of your best posts.


What to Bring:

Here are a few staples which people bring time after time.

  • Your Phone
  • Battery / charger
  • Blog cards
  • Notebook & pen
  • A plan of which sessions or creative genius bar hosts you want to see (you will get a programme)
  • Name badge – we don’t use them so please make your own or grab a Tatty Devine name necklace.
  • Travel snacks.
  • Camera – we will provide full event photos for you but bring it if you want to use it in photo / video sessions.
  • Extra bag room – make sure you have space in your case for the goody bag!

Here is a full post of what to bring and why.

What to Wear:

This is totally down to you. Our watch words are comfort and joy – wear what makes you feel happy and most like yourself and in which you feel comfy. Yes, people love to express their style at Blogtacular and this is completely without judgement or competition.

If you are joining a photowalk then we highly recommend wearing shoes which are easy to pound the pavements in (you can always carry fancy shoes for photos in a bag).

How To Get The Most Out Of Blogtacular

Blogtacular is an investment in your blog, your business, and yourself so planning to maximise your time there is time well spent.

Preparation is Key:

Follow the steps above, plan out your sessions and who you would like to meet. Knowing what your aims for the day are can keep you on track.

Arrive Early:

Take advantage of the quieter periods of the event by coming early. Not only do you add time to your networking but you can also talk to people as they arrive making meeting the crucial person more likely. Many people will arrive in London either the night before or early on the Friday and meet up with friends before the conference is in full swing.

Use the Hashtag:

Sharing on social media not only benefits your followers but also helps people at the conference find you. Share quotes and insights on twitter and photos on instagram. We love to scroll through the #blogtacular feed after the event seeing all the moments which made your day.

Take Notes:

Write down what stands out to you. Taking notes is way more effective than typing or photographing slides as a way to remember. Capture advice in your notebook and you’ll find yourself coming back to it time and again in the future.

Follow Up:

You’ve collected a handful of business cards and now you need to do something with them. Following up by adding them on social media or sending an email to discuss possible collaborations.

Write About It:

Sharing what you learned or your experiences is what blogging is all about. Every year we create a Pinterest board to collect all of the posts published about Blogtacular each year. A hot tip is to give your post an interesting title – you will standout in a sea of posts titled ‘Blogtacular’.

Create a Plan:

You will learn so much that you can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to putting it into action. Take it slow and create a plan of action. Work out which elements you need to implement first, which need practice and which ideas are going to come in further down the line.



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