Monetising Your Blog #Blogtacular Chat

Bloggers are getting more and more creative when working with brands and companies to support themselves via blogging – using a mix of ads, sponsored posts and indirect marketing. Our chat on the 19th of February looked at the variety of ways bloggers are making money via their blog.

Read the storify of the chat here.

Bloggers at our chat make money directly from their blogs, but also use it as a stepping stone to other paid work. Some of the ways they do it:

  • Sponsorship, freelancing, and guest blogging on others, also launching workshops this year. @PhoebeWedding
  • I get paid to contribute to another craft/tutorial site, but thinking of sponsorship/ads. Any tips? @Randomly_Happy
  • Sponsored posts (within Google guidelines) plus Google AdSense, but that bit is tiny. @Motherwifeme
  • Our blog is a journal for new stock, sourcing, inspiration and therefore is an aid to shop even if not a money earner itself. @19AlexandraRoad
  • I was employed as a Lifestyle Blog Editor at @AOatHome via work on my own blog. @Redlilocks
  • Creating your own products ebooks/courses is a great way to monotise. Readers get what they love and you are your own boss. @CathyJamesNS

Overall, chatters employed a mix of strategies for making money via their blogs.

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We asked our chatters what their top tips are for getting started monetising blogs:

  • An ad network! It was a good way to test the waters without taking much time or work. @AndiSatt
  • I was initially approached by SEO’s etc, but as I become more confident I go back to them with alternative suggestions. @mum_themadhouse
  • For crafters, Etsy and Ravelry are seamless links for indirectly making money from your blog. @Katgold
  • I recently made a media kit and arranged meetings with potential sponsors that I approached. @AptApothocary
  • I used to write a blog post once a month with details of ad spaces I had opening that month. @pixie_polly
  • Ideally we would plan review posts in advance and contact relevent brands to negotiate their inclusion in specific posts. @Mummyvsdaddy
  • Identify what you are selling. Your blog tells stories which position your product/service as natural conclusion. @CorrinaGB

There were lots of concerns during the discussion about the size a blog needs to be to monotise, so we asked bloggers if they thought it was about traffic or engagement.

  • For me its not so much about the numbers but having the right kind of people (I respect) knowing I’m out there. @pretavoyager
  • I think its more and more about social media outreach than the blog itself. @Cariemaymakes
  • Engagement shows that someone actually read a post, not just a page view of 2 seconds. @AdventureHan
  • I don’t think so. More about good design, decent content, healthy following, creativity. @Lottie_Storey
  • Engagement every time. I love interacting w/ followers, it helps me plan posts etc and not writing for deaf ears. @ElistonButton

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We asked chatters how they pitched and found ads for their blogs:

  • Put yourself out there. Believe in what you’re doing and accept you will hear some no’s at the start. @Phoebewedding
  • Use the connections you have to bloggers/brands to make connections (and not just for you). @randomly_happy
  • Regularly produce strong content and the brands will come to you. Only work with those true to your blog. @Serpentineshore
  • We have a professionally designed + proofed media pack. We have a form on the blog to request a copy. @Lovemydressblog

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