Make The Daily Less of a Grind and More of a Dream

make your daily less like a grind and more like a dream

Yesterday was my first day back at work after my summer break this year and the last thing I wanted to do was sit at my desk and work. It was sunny, I had accounts to do and I just wanted to be back on holiday and doing ANYTHING except work.

Despite building a business that I love, I still have days where I have to drag myself in front of the computer and getting anything done is harder than pulling teeth.  When you first start out blogging, its all pretty exciting and even mundane tasks seem new and fun. However, we all hit a point when the novelty wears off and it all looks a lot like work. Just because you are building your dream blog doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of drudgery to get through to get you there (or stay there!).

Eat Your Frogs For Breakfast

I can’t remember where I heard this tip, but the basic principle is: do the thing you like least on your To Do list first. Get it out of the way and then move on to something you would rather do.  This gets the crappy tasks done and you feel like you are making progress. Hate accounting? Spend a bit of time on that first. Have 1000 words to write on the world’s most boring topic? Shoot out a rough draft, then go on to the shiny new projects.

Freshen Up Your Space

I know that this sounds like procrastination 101, but working in a tidy space is infinitely more enjoyable than pushing aside mouldy cups and piles of paper to access your keyboard (I speak from experience here).  A bunch of cheapo flowers or a new mug can brighten up your working day no end.  Also, think about organising your computer files or changing your desktop image to make your computer a better place to hang out or tweaking your blog design to make it more how you want it to look. Making small changes to your physical and virtual work space can really help you feel more positive about what you are doing.

Change it Up

Maybe a change of scene is what you need.  While you are organising your desk think about having an office (or lounge or kitchen) rearrange.  There is nothing like a fresh new space to make you excited about going to work. Alternatively, get out of the house and work somewhere else.  I love packing up my laptop and heading out to the coffee shops, the library or even a friend’s house.  The change of scene is great and it keeps me focussed on getting things done instead of the laundry/dishes/housework that is usually at the back of my mind when working from home.


Maybe its not the cosmetic, small changes you need to feel inspired by your blog. Maybe a big overhaul is what is needed. Are there areas of your work you don’t love?  Can you do without them?  If the answer is yes, then stop. Blogging is a long game and if you burn out on the things you feel you should be doing but hate, then its probably not worth it.  For example, a few years ago I thought I *should* be doing sponsored posts to up my blog income and build my profile with brands. However, I really don’t enjoy reviews and writing  them just didn’t fill me with anything but dread. So, I stopped.  Yes, I lost income, but I gained energy and time to do other things that I loved. Even if you have to keep the tasks that you hate, make sure you can see how they link to your bigger blog goals.

Accept Its Not All Going To Be All Awesome All The Time

The thing is, sometimes things are going to be rubbish. That is just the nature of it. Not everything we do is going to feel important, life changing and meaningful. Not every post is going to fly out of your fingertips and not every photo is going to be eye wateringly beautiful. Building a blog is bloody hard work, but worth it!