How to Start a Blog in 5 Minutes: Creating Awesome Content

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You’ve started a blog because you have things to say, so it should be easy to fill your online space with awesome content, right?

The best posts are written when people are engaged with what they are writing about. So, write from the heart. A good mix of text and photos work for most blog post types and even not-great photos are usually better than no photos (though we will cover photography for your blog in an upcoming post and you can download our Unmanual photography e-book here). If you are blogging for your business, remember that blogs are your opportunity to tell the story of your business, so don’t just tell us about the upcoming sale…profile your biz life, show us who you work with, tell the stories of your producers and delve into what makes your business unique.

For some people, the blog posts are bursting out and they have more to say than they could ever get out.  For others, the blank page is intimidating and its hard to know what you SHOULD be blogging about. The truth is, as a new blogger, it takes time to find your voice and settle into your place in the blogosphere.  The initial enthusiasm wanes and you are left not really sure where to go next. Even the most experienced blog writers get hit with a bit of bloggers block from time to time. In our experience, writing is the best cure. Just turn up, write and get going.  Experiment with the types of posts you are writing and the kind of content you are producing. The best way to know if it fits is to try.  You may find down the line that your blog changes from what you originally set out to write, which is fine. Just keep at it.

Here are our top tips for finding your blog voice and finding topics to blog about  (whether you’ve been blogging for a day or 10 years!)

  1. Just write. Getting started can be the hardest part. The great thing about blogging is you can edit! So just put fingers to the keyboard and get going.
  2. Write lots on the days you are inspired.  Some days the posts will just flow out of you, so get them down, even in draft form to be used for a rainy day.
  3. Mix up your post types.  If you normally write “This is what I did today” type essays, mix in something else.  It depends on your blog, but things like lists, tutorials and recipes fit well on a wide range of blog types.
  4. Holiday or birthday coming up? Make a wishlist collage
  5. Show us where you blog (and share to Instagram with the hashtag #blogtacularspaces)
  6. Give us a house tour. Even if you aren’t an interiors blogger, people are nosy and LOVE to see what other people are up to
  7. Write a tutorial for something you’ve made or done. This can apply to a huge range of topics from beauty to cooking to crafts to interiors. Don’t worry if there are lots of other tutorials on a similar topic, you have a unique take on it and may help someone else “get it”
  8. Tell us a story from your pre-blogging days.
  9. Tell us about where you want to be in 5 years time
  10. Interview someone you admire
  11. Profile a local business or online business you love
  12. Host a giveaway for something you love
  13. What have you recently bought and loved?
  14. Write a review
  15. Take a class and chart your progress
  16. Show us your best Pinterest finds of late
  17. Who do you love on Instagram?
  18. Do a Vlog (aka video blog)
  19. Do a “Day in the Life” Post
  20. Tell us about your favourite bloggers
  21. Tell us about your favourite books
  22. Join a meme that really speaks to you – maybe a Year in Books or a 52 Portrait Series
  23. Share something that didn’t work
  24. Show us some sneak peeks of other things you are working on
  25. Show us your inspiration for future projects.
  26. Create a mood board
  27. Profile your family members and/or friends
  28. Do a visitors guide to your area or favourite day out
  29. Give some top tips for your favourite hobby
  30. Start a collaboration with a blogging friend
  31. Do a post that is just photos
  32. Show us one of your Pinterest boards


Are you blogging for business?

  1.  Interview your colleagues, staff or producers
  2. Tell us about WHY you do the work you do
  3. Write about your working day
  4. Tell us the story about how your products came about
  5. Show your work “in the wild”
  6. Talk about what is coming up next season
  7. Give free downloads of items relating to your biz, for example, do you sell cards? Make a free printable. Do you offer business advice? Make up a quick “Top Ten Checklist for Starting in Business”
  8. Tell us about where you work
  9. Show us your most used tools
  10. Show us  where you get your inspiration

Now, go get writing!!


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