How to Add and Switch Between Multiple Accounts on Instagram

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There have been rumours since last year that Instagram was bringing in account switching and it has finally started to roll out. Some recent changes have been met with annoyance (looking at you Read More…) but account switching has been longed for by many.

Yes, some iOS users (sorry Android!) will be able to switch accounts with the latest update. While logging in and out wasn’t the end of the world it did have some notable disadvantages, not least of which was losing your recent hashtag list.

With account switching you can flip between accounts to like, comment and share with ease. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your account page, click settings.
  2. Scroll down to add account (if it’s not there, try updating the app).
  3. Enter the username and password.
  4. You’re done!
How to Add Multiple Instagram Accounts - I have been waiting for this for so long!

You can now switch back and forth in the profile page using the drop down at the top. The bottom right icon displays the profile picture of the selected account so you don’t make a mistake!

Get Instagram Account Switching

How do you feel about account switching? We’re over the moon – expect to see more activity on our account as a result.

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Instagram Account Switching for Multiple Accounts is Here! This is how to get it... OMG I am SO HAPPY!

Thanks to Latergramme for the tip off!