Hashtags Change on Instagram

Got a hashtag strategy? Chances are you’re going to want to change it after reading this.

Instagram Hashtags have changed and chances are it's going to mess with your strategy...


Instagram have made a small change to their hashtag algorithm this week and it’s going to re-write advice on hashtag strategies.

Many experts have been advising adding hashtags to your old photos to bring them to the top of feeds and find new audiences. Hashtag feeds would show the images most recently tagged regardless of when they were posted. This was a great tactic for getting older uploads to work for you on Instagram and was a method employed by many seeking to extend their reach.

Instagram announced this week that this has changed and images will appear in the hashtag feed based on the date posted, not the date added to the hashtag.

I haven’t seen any reasoning behind this yet but I’ll wager it’s based entirely on improving customer experience. Instagram is still a place where you have to be present to post and that’s one of it’s huge strengths as a social network.

What does this mean for you? It means that when you check out a hashtag you are seeing the most recent content posted. If you’re running a competition you won’t have entries from 246 weeks ago swamping the feed. And if you were using this method of reaching new audiences it’s time to work on a new plan.

While we’re talking about how hashtags work on Insta – you can’t tag someone else’s photos. It just doesn’t register so we can cut that out too.

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