Finding Your Audience #Blogtacular Chat

“But will anyone read it?”

It was probably the first question we asked ourselves when we started our blogging journeys. Putting our stories, our ideas, our photos, our makes, our lives out on the internet for someone to read. But how do you go about finding those readers – not just passers by, but a real, engaged audience?

We asked our lovely bloggers at the regular Wednesday night #Blogtacular twitter chat how they engage their audience, how they keep them and how they find new readers.

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Who is your typical reader? Do you imagine them when you are writing?

  • I imagine my readers being like me, so I write for myself. @PhoebeWedding
  • I know quite a few of my readers through blog-land, but I just write, I don’t think much about specific readers. @CircleofPines
  • I write as I would speak, I find that’s what comes naturally. @shutterflies_uk
  • I love having a small readership of people who feel like friends and I recognise their names when they comment. @missjojangles

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How did you start building a following?

  • I threw myself out there, commented on other blogs and gradually made new lovely friends. @ElistonButton
  • I made a point of replying to every single comment left, and went to comment on each commentor’s blog as well. @TheUsualMayhem
  • I’ve built my blog audience by being brave and starting conversations with bloggers I like. The bravery took awhile to find. @knitmeacake
  • have good/interesting content, promote on social media and generally connect with people. @cardboardcities
  • Sharing other people’s content is a great way to start a following. It starts a conversation and people are grateful. @nurturestore

Beyond social media and blogs, what other places are great for getting your blog noticed?

  • I know I have used blog awards/shortlists to find new blogs. @Blogtacular
  • Events! @katgold
  • I’m always sending emails to designers to let them know I know about them. @DesignBreakBlog
  • I’ve never noticed an increase in traffic from print. @AndiSatt
  • Word of mouth. Many readers come from friends and family telling randoms “Do you know Jojo has a blog?” @missjojangles
  • Outing my blog on Facebook increased organic views/shares. @mamafrogblogs

Once people are on your site, what gets them to dig deeper and return for more?

  • Make it easy for new readers to find useful stuff in your archives and sign up for newsletter/Facebook page. @nurturestore
  • Using tags on twitter and instragram actually helps people see your stuff! @robynwilsonowen
  • Doing a top 10 round up from your archives is agreat way of getting people to see things. Also works on Pinterest. @nurturestore

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