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Each week on a Wednesday evening at 9pm we head to Twitter to chat about all things blogging under the #Blogtacular hashtag.

This week we are pleased to announce that Sarah from Pinterest will be joining us as a guest host.

Pinterest are launching their hub boards, a place for people to connect and share with other like-minded Pinners.

These hubs will be sources of inspiration from groups of leaders in their niche. They will be a place to discover new people who share your passions and for Pinners to reach out to new followers.

Beginning with hubs for Makers and Foodies, Pinterest are looking for people to join their communities. You can apply to be a board owner or contributor in either hub. Each board owner or champion can invite up to 20 people to contribute to their board. Full details to be posted on our blog.

We know you will have lots of questions about this exciting news and about Pinterest in general which is why Sarah will join us on Wednesday for the Twitter chat.

The chat will take the usual format of questions from us but you also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Sarah. So that we can group similar questions and drip them throughout the session we are inviting your questions about everything Pinterest via email before the chat.

Send us your questions to: hello {@} blogtacular.com.

To apply to be a champion of contributor on the hubs email either makers or foodies {@} pinterest.com – please be aware these are for applications only and not for general questions.

Did you know we just joined Pinterest? Follow us to discover who is attending Blogtacular next May and for all the conference news, gossip and inspiration.


Join us for our #Blogtacular twitter chat - Wednesdays at 9pm UK time!



About the #Blogtacular twitter chat:

Each week we host an hour long blogger chat on a different topic.

We will pose up to four questions throughout the hour and take quick straw polls.

It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other and to share your experiences. We use the chat to create a blog post to capture the ideas shares.

When is it?

Wednesday evening at 9pm UK time.

How does it work?

  • All members of the twitter chat use the hashtag #Blogtacular on their tweets so they can be seen by everyone following the chat.
  • Questions will be posed by the @Blogtacular account and people respond adding the hashtag to their answer.

How can I make it easy to follow?

  • Hootsuite: set up a free Hootsuite account and create a stream for the #Blogtacular hashtag. DownsideYou will need to refresh manually as Hootsuite only refreshes every two minutes automatically. Benefit: You can have a stream for your mentions alongside so you don’t miss any replies to your tweets.
  • Twubs: open the #Blogtacular Twubs page and you should see the stream ready for you. Downside: You might miss any tweets to you not on the hashtag. Benefits: It adds the hashtag to your tweets automatically and updates quickly.

I have an idea for a chat or question…

Brilliant! We love to hear your ideas. Drop us a line at hello {@} blogtacular.com.

Want to guest host with us? Drop us a line!