End of 2013 Blog Party Chat!!

2013 was a fabulous year for blogging. Chock full of inspirational posts, exciting new ventures and lots of learning. We finished off 2013 with a fun and fabulous twitter party (complete with party music of course!).

You can read the chat in full on Storify and if you’d like to join the twitter chat then log on at 9pm GMT every Wednesday night!

We started out asking how 2013 faired for folks on their blogs:



Lots of new bloggers and new blogging ventures were started in 2013 – with all of the learning and excitement that comes with that.



Learning to walk one’s own path seemed to be the main learning point for our chatters – with learning to use social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter also coming out on tops.

We moved on to looking at how our blogs had changed in 2013…



Moving to self-hosted sites and to establish blogging routines were big in 2013.

In terms of looking forward, chatters had some big plans for 2014:



Chatters were looking to be inspired, to create great content and to find some balance in the year ahead.


Unsurprisingly, most bloggers felt that they needed to work on finding more time to blog:



Overall, 2014 looks to be an exciting year in the blogging world, not least because it is the inaugural year of Blogtacular! Roll on May!