Download The Unmanual Today

Today we release our first ebook and hold our first workshop on Google Hangout. To say we are nervous and excited is an understatement!
At Blogtacular we are committed to community, creativity and sharing. In this spirit this book is a gift to our community.

The Unmanual is a book which tells you everything your camera manual can’t about taking your DSLR off auto. If you can’t wait to take control; download the book today and grab your camera.

In celebration of The Unmanual we will be holding a Google+ Hangout this evening at 9pm GMT. It will be an hour long workshop on getting started in manual mode.

Join the hangout here where you can RSVP and even add your questions about manual photography before the Hangout begins.


If you can’t join us live subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the recording and you’ll also be first to know when we upload conference videos.

We hope you enjoy this early Christmas gift and look forward to seeing you in the Google Hangout this evening.