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Stop What You Are Doing and Try Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool

Pinterest Visual Search is Unreal. Stop What You are Doing, You Have to Try This!

Pinterest is my number one destination for planning and dreaming. I’m not alone, with over 10 million monthly active users in the UK alone Pinterest is booming right now. There is so much great stuff happening at Pinterest UK over the next few months but one soft product launch caught my eye last week. You can…

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Know The Rules About Monetising Your Blog

You are on your way to earning money from your blog – you are collecting stats, you have a media pack and you are looking at Income Streams.  However, there are a couple of i’s to dot and t’s to cross before you start taking money and publishing content on your blog.   Registering as…

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Blog Income Streams

This post is part of our Monetise Your Blog in 5 Minutes series. Every blogger who is making money from their blog will be doing it in a different way.  There are a huge range of streams that can be used to build a profile of income for your blog.  It make some trial and…

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Changes at Blogtacular

Kat Goldin is stepping down as director of Blogtacular. Kat has reached a crossroads where one career needs to take precedence so had to take the decision to end her journey with us. She remains a shareholder and lifelong ticket holder (there have to be perks, right?).  The transition will be complete in the next…

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Made You Look Screening

Following Anthony Peters’ brilliant closing keynote in which he shared glimpses of Made You Look, we are thrilled to announce that we are hosting a screening this October. Made You Look is a sumptuously shot documentary about creativity in the digital age. It explores the link between design, art and technology through interviews with some of…

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